Autotatkal Chrome Extension||Book Railway Ticket In A Second

Autotatkal Chrome Extension||Book Railway Ticket In A Second 

Back in our college days, we used to wait overnight in line to book Tatkal tickets. Now the time changes a lot now you can book only by visiting the IRCTC website. However, there are many ways to book Tatkal tickets and yet it is not an easy process. On an average 70-100 Tatkal tickets for AC and 150-200 tickets for sleeper on each train. More than 5000 people will try to book these tickets every day. So here are easy steps for IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking from which you can get your ticket in less than a minute.

There are two ways to book Tatkal tickets. The most popular way is to use irctc website and go to the old method ticket booking counter. In every ticket booking counter you have to wait in a line and they will start filling the details when the booking opens. Only 2-3 people can get confirmed tickets in the entire line as tickets will come to the waiting list in 2-3 minutes. So the best way is to use the Tatkal ticket booking online method.

There is no perfect extension by IRCTC you can book your instant ticket efficiently. But it has launched its own extension for private browsers. But, if you book DI tickets from these extensions, you will be using the old method. There is no option which you can autofill details and book tickets faster. Irktak Instant Booking, in the usual way, is one of the risky work so far, you never have to don in your life. According to him, if you are going to book Tatkal tickets you showed the concierge using your extension as it is one of the best Tatkal booking extensions ever.

Autotatkal Chrome Extension||Book Railway Ticket In A Second 

AutoTatkal is browser extension.Install Auto Tatkal Chrome extension to book tatal tickets at any time ,The autotatkal extension also known as (IRCTC Tatkal Autofill Form Tool)comes with advanced and auto-fill features. Facilities are sufficient for you to book Tatkal tickets quickly.

          How To Book Railway Tatkal Ticket Quickly

You can book the tickets quickly with the help of autotatkal extension. Tatkal ticket booking extension comes with the auto-booking feature. This feature helps you to book the tatkal tickets within moments or in a few minutes. This is because of the auto-fill service provided within this feature. The feature automatically fills the travel details of the passenger including the IRCTC username, password, journey details and passenger details. After this, it books a confirmed ticket for you. Follow these simple steps to book the tatkal ticket with these extensions-

 Book Tatkal Ticket Fastly Using Autotatkal Extension :

                         How to use Autotatkal extension?

  1. • First of all, go to Google Chrome store and search for Auto tatkal extension.

  2. • Add this on the chrome by clicking on "Add to Chrome" button. 
  3. • Fill the required details such as passenger details, journey details and payment details.
  4.  • Click on Book Now at 9:58 am or 10:58 am. This will direct you to the IRCTC website.
  5.  • Click on Login. The details will be automatically filled. You have to only fill the captcha for login. • Your train will be selected and marked. At 10 or 11 am, the 'Check Availability' button will be automatically clicked, if not click on your own.
  6.  • Click on Book Now to proceed and get the tatkal tickets. Here is the link to the extension you can use to book the tatkal tickets-

Autotatkal extension:-

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