How to clean a virus infected windows 10 Pc

 How to protect a virus-infected Windows 10 PC

Hello guys, In this world of computers the whole is dependent upon the computer for and viruses are those programs that enter your computer slow down them or crash them, or removes files from your system without your permission. So it becomes necessary for us to keep our computer safe from these types of viruses so here I am going to tell you how you can protect your virus-infected Windows 10 PC. There are many methods on the internet to protect your PC but I have chosen a very simple method for you by which you can protect your computer from viruses

Free setting windows 10 to remove viruses:

1.Use windows defender to remove viruses:

People install more the one software to remove viruses from the computer but didn't know that it is harmful to install more than one
software on your computer so always use only one software. and windows defender is the best antivirus for it which is a default virus for it. Search in Cortana for windows defender.

Step:2 Downlaod  "malwarebytes" Software from this link:

After installing the software click on scan button

After the scanning is completed click on the view results option

Restart your computer, now you are safe from every virus.

Note: Malware is free for 13 days but after that, you have to not buy any premium license because it works fine on basic functionality which we need on our PC...

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