Computer Awareness MCQs and Quiz for Banking, IBPS, RRB, RBI, SBI Exams PART-2


MCQ With Answer

11.Who had conceived the idea of the first ever Graphical User Interface?
[A] Steve Jobs
[B] Douglas Engelbart
[C] Alan Kay
[D] Bill Gates
Correct Answer: C [Alan Kay]

12.Every computer runs an OS software program. What does OS stand for?
[A] Operating Software
[B] Operating System
[C] Operating Status
[D] Operating Supplier
Correct Answer: B [Operating System]

13.The CPU and memory are located on which of the following?
[A] Expansion Board
[B] Mother Board
[C] Storage Device
[D] Output Device
Correct Answer: B [Mother Board]

14.What is the use of Output devices?
[A] To input data
[B] To store data
[C] To scan data
[D] To view or print data
Correct Answer: D [To view or print data]

15.Which of the following clearly define the Trackball ?
[A] It is a two-dimensional positioning device.
[B] It is a three- dimensional positioning device.
[C] It is a pointing device.
[D] None of the Above
Correct Answer: A [It is a two-dimensional positioning device.]

16.Which if the following is used to provide hardcopy ?
[B] Computer Console
[C] Printer
[D] Card Reader
Correct Answer: C [Printer]

17.What is the full form of a PCI bus?
[A] Peripheral Computer Interconnect
[B] Peripheral Component Interconnect
[C] Passed Component Interconnect
[D] Phased Computer Interconnect
Correct Answer: B [Peripheral Component Interconnect]

18.What is the lowest bus speed on a Pentium IV processor?
[A] 200 MHz
[B] 133MHz
[C] 400MHz
[D] 150MHz
Correct Answer: C [400MHz]

19.Which of the following is the type of a software?
[A] Firmware and Hardware
[B] System Software and Firmware
[C] System Software and Application Software
[D] Application Software and Hardware
Correct Answer: C [System Software and Application Software]

20.A software is a set of instructions or programs to execute a specific task. Which one is not a form of software?
[A] Microsoft Word
[B] Microsoft Excel
[C] Microsoft PowerPoint
[D] Monitor
Correct Answer: D [Monitor]

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